Youth Sports

Sportable programs aren’t just for adults. If you’re a kid or teenager with a physical disability or visual impairment, we want you to join us, too!

Challenge yourself … try something new, become a competitor, be part of a team. Have you ever wanted to go rock climbing, play soccer or experience the James River from a kayak? We’ve got it. In the midst of all that, we’re pretty sure you will make some friends, discover skills and talents you didn’t know you had, and find out how much fun it is to be active and athletic (added bonus: your parents will be happy, too). Our experienced coaches and Sportable staff can help you be your very best. And Sportable has some pretty awesome parties, too!

Studies show that youth who are involved in sports and recreation are healthier, more independent, more confident, and even do better in school. We like to think that Sportable athletes have all that plus great friends and supportive teammates.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s what some of our current athletes and their families have to say:

“Wheelchair Basketball is an aggressive, yet positive sport and is a remarkable way to acquire and make a habit of teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship.”Her experience on the Sportable Spokes has inspired her to play wheelchair basketball in college and beyond. “When I’m an adult, I hope to use my people skills and knowledge of the game to coach and encourage young athletes and people with disabilities.” Hannah

“Sportable means friendship, community, and fun without limits to Luca. Sportable is the one place where his disability is welcomed with open-arms. He has built friendships with peers and trust in his coaches. Each evening when we go to Sportable its like the air in the room changes because we are not just the family whose child is in a wheelchair; we are part of a bigger community.” Stephanie, mom to Luca



Sportable’s Rising Stars youth sports series aims to introduce youth athletes with physical disabilities to a variety of adaptive sports and activities, provide opportunities for athletes to meet peers, and to help athletes see beyond their disability. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s a great introduction to all that Sportable has to offer!