Youth Athlete Highlight

October 15, 2013

Colin Egan, a 16 year old athlete, initially got involved with Sportable about 3 years ago when he was referred to the organization by his physical therapist. He started out by trying wheelchair basketball and has continued to ventured out since and now participates in half-marathon training in addition to a bit of lacrosse as well.

Why does Colin appreciate Sportable so much? “I like knowing that I can go out and accomplish things.” And accomplish things Colin does indeed! This past year Colin set a challenging goal that not many accomplish, especially at the age of 16: to complete a full marathon. Through his hard work and trainings with Sportable, Colin accomplished this goal when he competed in the Shamrock Marathon last March!

Colin’s hard work and dedication are absolutely contagious. Colin believes he benefits the entire Sportable community by “pushing people to do things they wouldn’t normally do.” His efforts to do so were clearly evident on the first Saturday morning of October at a Half-Marathon training, while most other teenagers were still sound asleep! At the end of the hour and a half long training session, Colin pushed himself a bit further by completing 10 grueling hills. Athletes and volunteers who bore witness to this hard work decided to join in as well! It was quite a sight to witness so many people pushing their limits by “going the extra mile.”

In retrospect, Colin couldn’t quite pinpoint a single favorite or stand-out memory with Sportable. Instead, Colin has enjoyed the bigger experiences made possible through Sportable, like meeting new people that he wouldn’t have otherwise met, trying new things, and challenging himself physically.

For any young athlete contemplating trying a Sportable program, Colin provides you with some valuable insight and advice: “It’s a great program to be involved with. You can pick from a variety of sports you want to do. Just come out and try it. You’ll love it!”