Transforming lives…

February 17, 2012

On February 4th, Sportable staff loaded up our van full of racing wheelchairs and gear to head over to Sports Backers Stadium for an early morning training … a last minute addition to our already jammed packed schedule of events for 2012. The training was the first of the next eight weeks, where Sportable athletes and volunteers would be preparing to race the Ukrops Monument 10k. This event attracts over 40,000 runners onto the beatifully historic street–Monument Ave.–Saturday March 31st.

Now, this may not seem very monumental for most of us who have an abundance of opportunities to take part in the training teams, running clubs, etc. that our city is so well known for ( mostly thanks to the great mission of our friends at Sports Backers) but, for athletes with disabilities…the idea of registering for this race or any other is a bit daunting. How will I train, what equipment do I need, where do I park, who will I run with??? By creating this opportunity to train with a team, on a track, with specialized equipment and coaches–Sportable athletes will be making history this year!! For the first time ever, Ukrops Monument Ave 10k will have an official wheelchair division and we will have a team of five wheelchair racers competing!!

There are also personal stories behind this one major success story–and this experience is sure to transform the lives of all our athletes participating. One of our athletes is doing the unthinkable -less that two years outside of the loss of her leg. She has the passion and inspires us all,there to support each member of the team after her training run is done. There is something to be said for crossing that finish line, whether on a prosthetic leg, racing chair…”Running is a metaphor for life–you get out of it what you put into it!” and our athletes are surely putting in their heart and sould each Saturday morning–rain, snow, or shine.

And who better to join the Sportable team to help us in “creating opportunities and transforming lives” than Karin Korb, two time Paralympian, whose personal motto is “Live to train. Train to live”. She comes to us with more than just 20 years of experience in the field of adaptive sports ( Masters in Sports Management as well as PR/Marketing) AND a true passion for the work we do. She brings with her great energy and a positive outlook on life– and we couldn’t be more happy to have her on board as we bring our new brand to life!!