Join Sportable

Sportable offers membership packages to provide our athletes with more opportunities for sport participation and incentives to meet your health and wellness goals.


Membership Levels:

Amateur Membership – $15/month

Includes up to 3 sports programs of choice per year – $180 value!

Professional Membership – $25/month

Includes unlimited sports programs of your choice per year – $780 value!

Team Membership – $500/team

Includes up to 10 memberships for up to 3 sports programs per year – $1,800 value!


Membership Benefits include:

  • Free annual YMCA membership($660 value)

Please Note: YMCA benefits are for athletes ACTIVELY participating in sports programs

  • Free monthly equipment rental (up to a $675 value – subject to availability)
  • Free participation in Member Only events
  • Free Sportable T-Shirt


Additional fees may apply for camps, clinics, competition registrations, and tournament travel.

Athletes may upgrade their membership at any time.


To become a Sportable Athlete, follow these three easy steps:

Step 1:

Submit the interest form below to be contacted by a Sportable team member.  Sportable’s knowledgeable staff will guide you on how to get involved.

Step 2:

Sportable staff will help you choose the Membership level that is best for you and take advantage of all the great benefits that Sportable has to offer.

Step 3:

After creating a membership profile, sign up for the programs that best suit your interests and schedule!