Sportable Spokes Take First Place in Baltimore Tournament

December 10, 2015

(Richmond, VA) This past weekend the Sportable Spokes traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to compete in a conference tournament.

In game 1 the Spokes took on Katie’s Komets from Philadelphia, PA. The Spokes won 44-21. Ignacio Ortega (Virginia Beach, VA) had 15 points and Elijah Bondeson (Goochland, VA) had a career high of 13 points.

In game 2 the Spokes blasted by the NY Rolling Fury, winning 55-14. Tyler Berry (Hanover, VA) had a career high of 12 points, Ignacio Ortega had 17 points and Elijah Bondeson added to the stack with 11 points.

In game 3 the Spokes took on the home team, the Bennett Blazers. The Spokes began the game on a rough note, being scoreless and down five points until 10 minutes left in the first half. After the Spokes’ morning coffee kicked in, the team went on a scoring spree. Ignacio Oretega shot at 72% this game, scoring 17 points. Ronald Nickerson, (Henrico, VA) added to the board with four points and Edward Miller (Richmond, VA) also put five points on the board.

In game 4 the Spokes finally worked out all the kinks and played their best game of the season. Every player scored in this fantastic game. Colin Egan (Henrico, VA) blasted out of a tournament slump and put up 12 points in this game. Edward Miller followed suite, putting up 10 points with three assists. This game was played against the Fairfax Falcons and won 56-21.

The Spokes are now 7-1 and have moved into 2nd place in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association Rankings.

Saturday, December 5th 
Game 1 vs. Katie’s Komets Won 44-21
Game 2 vs. NY Fury Won 55-14
Sunday, December 6th
Game 3 vs. Bennett Blazers Won 33-18
Game 4 vs. Fairfax Falcons Won 56-21