Sportable Road Racing off to a great start

October 07, 2015


Nothing can stop us.

Sportable’s Road Racing program started it’s training sessions in September in order to train for the Richmond Marathon , Half Marathon and 8K.

The first practice was held at SportsBackers Stadium in order to get a baseline timed mile for all athletes. Although there was a rainstorm, the team still came out to the first practice. We waited for about 25 minutes until the storm passed then went out and got the mile in. Many athletes were caught in torrential downpour, though still completed whatever lap they were on before coming back to the overhang. After about 10 minute minutes, the rain subsided and all the athletes went out for about an hour. A good time was had by all.

As we have continued to train, we have been upping our mileage and figuring out what works and what does not work in terms of equipment. One of Sportable’s pillars in Ingenuity, or the ability to adapt and create new things that may have not been seen before in order to compete at the highest level we can.

One thing is for certain- come race day…we’ll be ready.