Volunteers are a KEY component to all aspects of Sportable. Our athletes and sports programs highly depend on the enthusiasm and commitment of its volunteers. Sportable serves individuals ages 5 and up who have a physical or visual disability. Prior experience in sports and/or working with people with physical disabilities is not required to volunteer, but, of course, it can be helpful. Volunteer Training is offered for each specific sports program one week before the program starts and is required for all Volunteers who wish to participate with our athletes.

We also offer Volunteer Orientation on a quarterly basis. These sessions introduce new volunteers to Sportable’s culture, athletes, and programs


Now that you’re at the starting line…there are a few steps to advance you to the “Sportable Volunteer” Level.

  • Complete the volunteer application below.
  • See below for the current list of volunteer opportunities.

For additional information about Volunteering with the Sportable Team, please contact:
info@sportable.org or 804. 340. 2991

Volunteer Application

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Before you can sign up to volunteer with a sport you need to register as a volunteer with Sportable. REGISTER HERE


Session I – Volunteer Training May 8th | Program Dates:
Wednesdays, May 15-June 29 – REGISTER HERE

Session II – Volunteer Training July 9th | Program Dates:
Tuesdays, July 16 – August 27 – REGISTER HERE

Flatwater Kayaking
Volunteer Training April 30th | Program Dates:
Tuesdays, May 7-June 11 – REGISTER HERE

Rowing – Volunteer Training April 8th | Program Dates: Mondays and Fridays, April 15 – May 10; Fridays, May 17- May 31 – REGISTER HERE


Session II – Program Dates: Mondays, March 18th – April 29th – REGISTER HERE

Session III – Volunteer Training May 9th | Program Dates: Thursdays, May 9 – June 27 – REGISTER HERE

Wheelchair Rugby – Volunteer Training May 1st | Program Dates: Mondays, May 6 – June 17 – REGISTER HERE

Archery – Volunteer Training March 13th | Program Dates: Wednesdays, March 20th – April 24th – REGISTER HERE

Cycling (Adult Series) – Volunteer Training March 12th | Program Dates: Tuesdays, March 19th – May 7th – REGISTER HERE

Cycling (Youth Series) – Volunteer Training March 14th | Program Dates: Thursdays, March 21st – April 25th – REGISTER HERE

Road Racing and Running – Volunteer Training February 12th | Program Dates: Saturdays, February 23rd-April 13th, 2019 – REGISTER HERE