Mission Moments 2013

June 05, 2013

Mission Moments

It is hard to believe that we are almost half way through 2013..the past few months have certainly been busy for us at Sportable with lots of exciting things going on. We began the year with our first full day Board of Directors retreat, welcoming six new members to our team.  It was during this event that I was introduced to the idea of “mission moments”–a way of sharing with board members and community supporters their “return on investment” so to speak…opportunities created as a result of their support and the transformation that occurred in the lives of our athletes, both on and off the courts!

It is impossible for me to share all of the many great things that have happened since January ( perhaps that will be motivation to get back to more regular blogging) but I can tell you  that we have already surpassed our numbers from last year, with more athletes having participated in at least one program since January 2013 until now then over the course of twelve whole months in 2012.  Now don’t get me wrong, we started this year really happy with our success of 2012:

-3,690 total program hours

-1594 total athlete experiences

-83 un-duplicated athletes

We were grateful to work with VCU’s Center for Sports Leadership again in March to bring to Siegel Center the 2nd Annual Paralympic Experience and a few weeks later we worked with Sports Backers, also for the 2nd year, to create a wheelchair division for the Ukrops Monument Ave 10k, where seven athletes took to the starting line!!

This leads me to my mission moment, which really stemmed from last year’s 10k training team, where two Sportable athletes were introduced to the sport of wheelchair racing.  Both Colin and David took a liking to the sport and began training on their own, going on to compete in two triathlons last year, as well as a half marathon last fall.  They continued this training through the wintry snow to cross the finish line March 17th in Virginia Beach at the Shamrock Marathon!!

Colin actually scheduled a surgery around crossing that finish line and David has sense competed in two tri’s and will be leaving later this week for a Para triathlon training camp in Charlotte, NC–he hopes to one day be able to take this new passion to the next level…and who knows, maybe the Paralympics are in his future?!  All I do know is that without Sportable, neither Colin or David would have had the opportunity to cross that finish line after pushing for 26.2 miles!! Anyone that has done a marathon knows that a marathon takes more than just physical strength…mental toughness and personal courage are key to success.

Congratulations to all the Sportable athletes that have set personal goals and made the commitment to practice/train to achieve them…and I personally feel very fortunate to be part of our athlete’s amazing journey’s….there is no better return on investment.

Athlete Testimonial:

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in so many wonderful programs through Sportable.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know you through the last year and a half.  Your enthusiasm for creating opportunities has truly touched my life in so many ways.  I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality.  You have gone out of your way and helped with so much on so many different occasions.  Your encouragement and overwhelming support truly lead to my completion of the Shamrock marathon this past weekend.  There is no way I ever would have been able to do this without your generous support and guidance.  Thank You!” — David Richardson