It Can Happen to Anyone

June 01, 2012

By: Becky Lehman, Sportable Program Director

Anyone can become an athlete. For real. How do I know this? Because it happened to me and I see others transformed at Sportable all the time. Only three years ago, I would have laughed if someone told me I’d do a triathlon, play in a tennis league, or run a race. I couldn’t picture it! I was overweight, and didn’t like to exercise. I wasn’t very confident and really wasn’t happy with how I looked or felt either. But somehow, one little decision to try something new or be more active led to another. And with many great friends and coaches encouraging me along the way, I’ve become an athlete; I ran my first 10K recently, I love swimming and playing tennis, and I’m healthy, active, and happy.

Here at Sportable, we want that for EVERYONE! And it happens every day. People who used to just hang out at home watching TV or playing video games turn into athletes…athletes who like to play sports for fun and to be with friends, athletes who like to compete, all kinds of athletes. Lots of times when a kid comes out to his/her first Sportable event, there is a giant mixture of nervousness, uncertainty, and excitement that also comes along. Parents usually have those same feelings watching their kids try adapted sports for the first time too. But then he makes his first basket. Or she beats someone in a sprint down the court. A tennis ball gets hit over the net for the first time. In those moments, the transformation begins: confidence builds, bigger ideas of what is possible take root, and another athlete is born. Our current athletes know what we’re talking about and if you are thinking about trying a Sportable program for the first time, we look forward to you experiencing that transformation too!