First Impressions: New Athlete Highlight

October 15, 2013

Jackie Via finally gave Sportable a whirl a couple weeks ago and claims that she is so extremely glad she did!  Jackie heard about Sportable a while ago through a friend who is also a double amputee in a wheelchair.  When asked why she finally decided to come out and try hand-cycling at Sportable’s Half-Marathon training she replied “To get outdoors and to experience riding a bike again…I have a bike that I can ride inside, but this is much nicer being outdoors and riding with other people..this is a lot more fun!”

Jackie added that she finds many benefits to participating in a program like Sportable such as keeping in shape and meeting new people. In fact, when asked which of Sportable’s four core values (Integrity, Passion, Team Spirit, and Ingenuity) she values most she immediately responded “Definitely team spirit. You can do a lot of things on your own but when you work with a team and a bunch of different people who are all in it for the same things and the same reasons it just makes it so much nicer and so much more enjoyable.”

It was hard to believe that Jackie had only tried a hand-cycle outdoors once before, but on a track surface which serves for a much different experience than road terrain.  However, Jackie took to it like a pro!  In fact, she clocked an impressive 7:20 minute mile and came back with a gleaming smile on her face exclaiming that she wanted to do it again!  “This was different. It was a little more challenging but I like this better. I like a challenge!” she stated.

All in all, Jackie advises any individual who is in a situation similar to hers a few weeks ago, hesitating to try Sportable: “TRY IT! Just try it! You have to get out and try it. This is the first thing I tried and I love it! I’m looking forward to trying other things. It gives you something to do to keep yourself active and healthy. It’s great!”