Creating opportunities…

February 01, 2012

So this weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying our Sportable Spokes Jr. Wheelchair Basketball Team to Smithfield, NC to participate in the 4th tournament in the last year. This was quiet the reunion, given that all the teams that were there were also present last January for our debut in the basketball tournament circuit!!

Now, I have to admit that I took my laptop with me. Not because I thought the games would not be worthwhile to watch but just because I figured there would be some down time–between games, etc… we all know that basketball is such an all or nothing sport so, with a very long to do list of grants and such– I planned to get a little a head of the game ( no pun intended).

Needless to say– I did not work on my laptop at all!! Imagine my surprise– a sentiment that I think the Charlotte Bobcats shared with me. A little different than our first run at Bridge II Sports Hog Wild Tournament- the Spokes basically tied for 1st place in the tournament–against one of the best teams in our Region. I don’t know who was more surprised our players or theirs when we won our 1st game against them– we lost to them in the final by ONE POINT!!

That transformation that took place on that court this weekend was not without hard work–these boys have been working hard to improve their game and many have set individual goals- to play wheelchair basketball in college, do a half marathon in a racing chair–you name it…they are shooting for it!

This is what Sportable is about–Creating opportunities. Transforming lives. Sports participation is a proven catalyst for leading a healthy, active lifestyle– something that EVERYONE should have access to.

Straight from their Coach-Matthew Deans:

My day job is a counselor for people with disabilities and often I wonder how much of an effect I have on people’s lives when I only get to see them maybe once a week or once a month. As a counselor my passion is to help people, as a coach for Sportable I don’t have to question my impact on both how much I help these kids focus their physical skills and abilities and improve their everyday lives, but also helping them understand the opportunities that Sportable presents to them is something they never knew was possible before Sportable. They always wondered how do you play lacrosse, how do you play basketball, how do you run track? They never had an opportunity until Sportable came along, and that is why I coach and that is why I’m part of Sportable.