Army of Orange

As an Army of Orange member you are making a commitment to help Sportable fulfill its mission of providing sporting opportunities to those with physical and visual disabilities. Your pledge to raise at least $1,000 for Sportable means we will have the resources needed to continue offering our sports programming at the highest level possible; to continue to grow and serve more athletes in Central Virginia and beyond that need our services; and will further our commitment to telling as many people as possible about the impact our organization has on the lives of our athletes. Below you’ll find all the resources you’ll need to make your Army of Orange a success!

Ideas for Fundraising
Starter’s Guide to CrowdRise
Outfitting Our Army

Ideas for Fundraising

1. Participate in an event and ask all of your friends and family to sponsor you!
You could participate in anything, a 5k, a 10k, a bicycle race! It could be a very serious race or a fun run. Try to make it something that is hard for you so that you are reaching a physical goal and also a monetary goal.

2. Instead of asking for birthday gifts, ask for a donation to your fundraiser!
Turning 30? Instead of getting birthday money, ask to have it donated towards your goal, a dollar for every year you have been kickin’!

3. Lose weight for Sportable!
Want to lose some pounds for the summer and raise money doing it? Ask friends and family to donate for every ounce, half pound, or pound lost! Or if you would rather pump some iron, lift weights! Ask for a pledge for every increase in pounds able to lift.

4. Hike/bike/walk for a cause!
Try the Appalachian Trail, or the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain if you are feeling extra ambitious! Every mile you complete can be a dollar donated.

5. Throw a party!
Everyone loves a great celebration. Throw a little fundraiser for your friends and family and ask that they bring a donation instead of a side dish.

6. Make something!
Are you an artist, an artisan, or just really crafty? Try selling your work at a bazaar or online and say the profits benefit Sportable.

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A step by step starter’s guide to CrowdRise

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click the login button then “sign up”

Step 3: Follow the directions to make your own CrowdRise account

Step 4: Once you have set up your account, click on “create a fundraiser” at the top of the page, then “set up a fundraising page”, and then “raise money for a charity.”

Step 5: On the next page, you can put your own flair on your fundraiser. For example, you can choose the type of fundraiser. We would suggest you select personal challenge or that you just would like to do something good. If you are raising money through an event, choose that option and add the event. Don’t worry if your event is not listed – just type it in. Also, you can add your own title and URL to your fundraiser – get creative! Amount of money you would like to raise: aim for the sky!! We ask that you make $1,000 the minimum – shoot for the stars!

Step 6: Add a photo. Anything with you in Sportable gear would be awesome. We’ll also have pictures from the Spring Fling posted on Facebook that you can use as well. Remember – have fun!

Step 7: Choose a charity, type in Sportable! After this, you may be asked to login again. If so, just put in your username and password. Now you have set up your fundraiser! It is completely your own but since you have selected Sportable as the benefactor, it will be connected to their page also.

To access your fundraiser to share, check status, or add something to the fundraiser: Click the picture at the top right of the page. It may be a gray box if you have not yet added a profile picture. Then under “My Fundraiser” you will see the name of your Sportable Fundraiser.

Edit Fundraiser: Here you can add photos/ videos, add your story, and change the fundraising goal

Manage Campaign: Here you can track who has donated to your fundraiser and get the link to share on all of your favorite social media platforms. Here you can also “post,” similar to a status update on Facebook or a Tweet. You can talk about how excited you are to be one step closer to your goal or thank someone for a donation. Additionally, you can send a message to all donors to thank them or insert offline donations under the tab, donation toolkit.

Manage Team: You can also add people to your team so that they can also raise funds and spread the word about your fundraiser. So if you have a friend who would also like to help, they can create their own profile and you can add them to your fundraiser. At that point you can work simultaneously on the same fundraiser. The more team members you have, the more people can share it on their social media, the more reach for Sportable! If you prefer to work alone, you can also set that on this page. Here you can also send team messages, set minimum goals for team members and invite new team members.

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Outfitting Our Army:

Thank you for signing up to be a part of Sportable’s Army of Orange! In an effort to say thank you as you proceed on your mission, and as a way to outfit you in awesome Sportable gear, we want to tell you what you can earn on your journey as an Army of Orange member.

$100 Once you hit the $100 milestone, we’ll give you a Sportable training shirt so you can look good while pumping iron at the gym

$500 Once you hit the $500 milestone, we’ll give you a Sportable golf shirt so you can “style” while out and about this summer

$1,000 Once you hit the $1,000 milestone you’ll receive the status of “Army Captain.” And no Captain is complete without his or her Sportable Growler. We’ll even fill it up before we hand it over.

Rewarding Our Teams: Throughout the summer we’ll announce opportunities for teams to win great prizes from some of our sporting friends here in RVA. Great prizes like:

– Catching a Richmond Kickers match from a hospitality tent with food & drinks for you and 15 of your friends.

– Catching a Flying Squirrels match from one of the Diamond’s corporate boxes – we’ll provide you with plenty of food and phrases to yell at the opposing pitcher

– A chance to catch a Redskins game at FedEx Field this football season – a perfect chance for you to lead the Army of Orange’s invasion into Northern VA & D.C.

Good Luck Army Members!!!

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