Bill’s Y-Fit Challenge Part VII

June 23, 2014

This blog documented my experiences during the recent Y Challenge – 70 minutes/week for 6 weeks. If you completed it successfully you were put into a drawing for a basket of fruits and veggies delivered to your home weekly for a year.

I started the challenge to have some type of an accountability partner because I wasn’t working out with a training group or individual. I knew it would be helpful on the days that my schedule got hectic or I just didn’t feel like going. All of which happened throughout the challenge. I knew from past experiences it’s easier to fall out of a healthy habits than it is to fall into them.

So I’ve completed the 6 weeks challenge and I’m sorry to report that it appears that I wasn’t the winner of the fruit/veggies basket.

What I did win/gain was much great in value to me. I am in the best shape that I’ve been in since I’ve been in a chair (and maybe before). I meet an had conversation with one of the female Pakistanian Olympic weight lifers and heard about the challenges of “lifting covered” and the threats and obstacles she has dealt with. I meet “Jimmy”, pseudo name, who like me needed help understanding and adjusting the machines and we help one another. I’ve meet and heard the dreams of a number of young athletes and will keep my eyes on the TV in years to come to see if they reach them. I now have “my posse” of employees and regulars that are a shout way with help when I need some . I’ve got a new family of support and friendship. The list could go on and on.

So come join me mid-day or late afternoon at the Shady Grove Y. I’ll be there. I am a “regular” now! Or go to your nearest Y and start your own experience.

Sportable Athlete, Bill Sweeney

Sportable Athlete, Bill Sweeney

-Bill Sweeney