Bill’s Y Fit Challenge – Part IV

May 20, 2014

I worked out at the Y in Athens, GA this past weekend. I was able to do pull ups, free weights and some work with an old Cybex machine. So we are truly blessed with the variety and age of the equipment in the Y.


This was my 1st real road trip down to GA…9+ hours driving. Hotel rooms, new city, son’s graduation… With every new thing comes a level of stress – not bad stress, but still stress. That with some lower GI issues my body agitation levels (BAL) would get higher as the days wore on (BAL is like when a part of your body falls asleep but the discomfort continues to increase and then there’s the addition of the burning pain when it gets bad. And any other issue like a fuller blader will trigger AD).

I wanted to be as present as possible because of the magnitude of the weekend for my son; And the late night; Eating out; Lack of a regular schedule. The only thing that help reverse my BAL is rest or exercise, so the YMove challenge wasn’t really a thought. With the help of exercising at the Y in Athens, the weekend was one of the best weekends of my life!!!

Bill Sweeney