Bill’s Y Fit Challenge Blog

May 07, 2014

Day 1 Y Challenge:

It took me until Wednesday to get to the Y.

I’m here as we speak – returning emails between sets. You can’t multi-task any healthier!

I really had to fit this one in though. I dressed with the possibility of taking my shirt off and wear my tee shirt & jeans in to work out because I couldn’t go home to change.

So I haven’t used any of the adaptive equipment yet and I’ve been able to do cardio and weight work whenever and workout for 1.5 hours at a time. Can’t wait to add them into the routine.

Shelia, the trainer, is amazing. I’m going to start meeting with her again once a week. Also thought it would be awesome to get some more Sportable folks going to the Y and plan a meeting once a month to discuss creative uses of the non adaptive equipment like the TRX…

Finished cardo, now getting into weights.

Bill Sweeney