Bill’s Y Fit Challenge Blog – Part III

May 14, 2014

May 13, 2014 – Heading to the Y and looking for any distraction or excuse not to go…having a bad nerve pain day.  I know when I get there and start all will be better…


Here and have finished 30 minutes on the arm bike.  Heading to the TRX & pull ups.

Bill (2)


Home now…I have more energy now than I have had all day and it’s 6pm!! Also, before I worked out my BP was 128/83 after 115/60. Just saying.

It makes no sense why I resist go to the Y.


Talk to you all next week!  Headed to Athens, GA for my son’s law school graduation at UGA.  First real road trip in a chair. Another door open and threshold crossed.  The future just keeps getting brighter!!!

Bill Sweeney