5: #5 Zach Zomermaand

Grace Swanner Podcast

Zach gets into the nearly 20 years and half a dozen or so sports he has played and competed in from wheelchair basketball in grade school through adulthood in Iowa to a variety of sports with Sportable once his job with Capital One brought him to Richmond, VA a few years ago. Zach has done multiple half marathons with Sportable, is a nationally ranked B Division wheelchair tennis player, is the coach of our wheelchair tennis program, has played lacrosse with the Sportable Crush, basketball with the Sportable Rim Riders, rowed on and off the water, and just about anything else Sportable threw at him. While Zach’s accomplishments are impressive, so too is his ability to describe the feeling of reaching those goals with a massive amount of humility. 

Sound mixed and edited by Knox Colby, who’ll be your doomsayer.

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